Classic Wedding Buffet

Minimum order of 100 | $10.85 per person

Slow Roasted Beef
Served in our homemade gravy

Baked Ham and Cold Turkey Breast Cold
Sliced on a garnished tray

Swiss and American Cheese
Sliced on a garnished tray

Kosher and sweet cucumber chips and stuffed olives

Creamy cole slaw, rotini pasta salad, tossed salad with dressings (Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Fat-Free Italian, Honey Dijon and Catalina French)

Hot Foods
Buttered parsley potatoes, penne marinara and green beans with ham and onion

Mayonnaise, mustard and horseradish served with rye, white and wheat breads

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Coffee Service
Cups, sugar, creamer and stirrers

Formal Plastic Plate, Fork and Knife

Complimentary Cake Cutting
Cake plate, forks and napkins

White linens, chafers for buffet and appropriate decorations are provided

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